Refining liquid biopsy: generating more information from cell-free DNA

Dr Páidí Creed showing biomodal's work on refining liquid biopsies

Liquid biopsy for profiling of cfDNA is transforming researchers’ efforts in early cancer detection, risk stratification, and disease monitoring. This poster illustrates how capturing complete genetic and modified cytosine (modC) information in one workflow, from a single low-volume DNA sample is morepowerful for the detection of early cancer than either alone. Top Take-Aways

biomodal launches solution to simultaneously sequence genetics and epigenetics in one workflow

biomodal (formerly known as Cambridge Epigenetix) commercially launches its new duet multiomics solution, revealing the combinatorial power of genetic and epigenetic information from a single low volume sample. The duet multiomics solution is the world’s first single-base-resolution sequencing technology that enables the simultaneous phased reading of genetic and epigenetic information in a single sample, with […]

New beginnings: becoming biomodal

Cambridge Epigenetix is now biomodal

It all started with an epigenetic discovery Since Cambridge Epigenetix began in 2012, we’ve been innovating in the field of DNA sequencing and epigenetics. Back then, when Shankar Balasubramanian and Bobby Yerramilli‑Rao founded the company, the world was just starting to understand what epigenetic modifications meant to health and disease. We’d developed ways to measure […]

Cambridge Epigenetix is now biomodal