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Capture genetic and epigenetic information simultaneously in a single workflow to better understand normal and disease biology.

Gain more information from your DNA

Current technologies are unable to simultaneously resolve both genetic and epigenetic sequences and miss important information. biomodal, helps you measure multiple modalities in a single workflow for highly accurate multiomic analysis in less time – and with only 10ng of DNA. 

Dissect and understand biology

Combined epigenetic and genetic analysis in a single sequencing run lets you access the most critical information from your DNA samples.

Cancer research

Cancer research

Better characterise liquid biopsy and genomic DNA samples of early stage cancer for diagnostic and therapy development.



Pinpoint epigenetic changes that determine patterns of disease and health throughout a lifespan.

Population Genetics

Population genetics

See precisely how methylation states impact epigenetic changes at the population level.

Non-invasive prenatal testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing

Detect minute epigenetic changes to better understand maternal and foetal health.

Neurodegenerative disease

Neurodegenerative disease

Combined data reveals the role of methylation in neurodegeneration.

Drug Development

Precision medicine

Improved DNA-based diagnostics with the ability to see disease-relevant changes from low input samples

Introducing duet multiomics solution +modC

Transform your current multiple-workflow setup with our single multiomic solution to access both genetic and epigenetic sequence data from one sample.
biomodal duet multiomics +modC

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Our team treks where others haven’t set foot yet. 

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