A community of explorers

Our mission

Creating technologies that bring the dynamism of our ever-changing biology into focus.

Our vision

A future where the holistic understanding of our epigenome and genome vastly improves health and care.

Scientist using a pipette & Dennis Lo and Peter Fromen & biomodal duet multiomic +modC launch

What we believe


Curiosity got us into this

…and curiosity keeps us here. It cultivates in us a perpetual desire for change and discovery. It motivates and challenges. We’re explorers and builders. Each technology we make is imbued with this spirit.


This moment decides our future

While we know our potential, only by urgent action will we realise it. The time to create a better future is this very moment.


Tenacity prevails

Life finds a way where there is none. Inspired by biology, we emulate its tenacity in striving to meet our mission, holding fast, trying every approach, and never giving up.

We elevate each other

We elevate each other

Effective risk-taking happens in a supportive environment. That’s why we take responsibility and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We step up and move on together, because our mission is important.

Customer success

Customer success is the measure of our innovation

The path to validated science is not an easy one. That’s why we orient each aspect of our work, from design and delivery, to service and support, to our customers’ success.

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