Meet: John McShane

John McShane

John McShane recently joined biomodal as our Director of Business Development for Eastern North America and Canada.

Meet: Chad Geringer

Chad Geringer

Chad Geringer recently joined biomodal and focuses on business development in North America.

Meet: Aziz Mustafa

Aziz Mustafa

Dr Aziz Mustafa recently joined biomodal as our Director of Sales and Business Development for Europe.

We caught up with Aziz to learn more about him, his background, and what excites him about the field of epigenetics.

Simultaneous sequencing of genetic and epigenetic bases in DNA

biomodal's Nature paper

Two decades ago the Human Genome Project was completed. Since then, the first sequence of the human genome and subsequent population genomes have provided critical information about the human blueprint and impacted the study of human biology and medicine. We have come a long way following the completion of the Human Genome Project. Epigenetics adds […]

Cambridge Epigenetix is now biomodal