British Columbia Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC) & biomodal

Case study

Researchers in Dr Sam Aparicio’s group at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC) and the University of British Columbia, BC, Canada, utilised 5-letter sequencing technology, duet multiomics solution +modC, to investigate ‘epigenetic rewiring’ in breast cancer cells.

In this study, duet multiomics solution +modC helped to reveal:

  • the epigenetic landscape of untransformed diploid breast epithelial cells with wild-type, p53-/-RCA1-/- and p53-/-BRCA2-/- genetic backgrounds
  • significant activation of stem cell enhancers through reduced DNA methylation in p53-/-BRCA1-/- cells only similar activation of stem cell enhancers in a triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) patient xenograft sample
  • the epigenetic rewiring caused by BRCA1-/-, identifying it as a crucial gene for this type of cancer pathogenesis

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Multiomic 5-letter sequencing allows reading of modified cytosine bases and simultaneous measurement of genomic mutations in cancer cells
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