12th Epigenomics of Common Diseases Conference

Learn about our new 5-letter sequencing technology – duet multiomics solution +modC – and discover the combinatorial power of genetics and epigenetics.
Unlocking the combinatorial power of genetics and epigenetics at single-base resolution

15 November 2023
to 17 November 2023

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton

About the event

We are please to be be sponsoring the 12th Epigenomics of Common Diseases conference, where leading researchers will describe cutting-edge work demonstrating novel ways that epigenetics can cause common diseases. Discussions will also focus on epigenetic mechanisms in complex disease, translation of research for common disease treatment, and the role of epigenetics in inheritance. You will hear new research on computational epigenomics, reference maps, and how epigenetic variation can be linked to complex traits. Discussion on technological advances and their application in the field will also be included.

By bringing together scientists and clinicians working in basic and therapeutic epigenomic research, across a range of diseases, this meeting acts as a catalyst for advancing knowledge.

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Aziz Mustafa

Director of Business Development

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If you’d like to learn more about duet multiomics solution +modC and how it could transform your research, reach out to Aziz.

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Here are the relevant biomodal resources for information. Find poster presentation information, case studies, interviews, and more.

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Refining liquid biopsy: generating more information from cell-free DNA

Learn how duet multiomics solution +modC is transforming research efforts in early cancer detection, risk stratification, and disease monitoring by using liquid biopsy for profiling of cfDNA. This poster illustrates how capturing complete genetic and epigenetic information in one workflow, from a single low-volume DNA sample is more powerful for early disease detection than either alone.

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