Boston Computational Biology Society Presents: Navigating the Evolution Multiverse: A real-time platform for tracking evolution outcomes

BES Emma Chory 23May24

The Boston Computational Biology Society presented this exciting webinar originally on May 23rd, 2024, featuring Emma J. Chory, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Duke University.

The Chory lab merges the dynamic fields of directed evolution, genomics, and robotics to unravel the complexities of gene regulation and cancer underpinnings. Central to our approach is the use of our custom robotics platforms, PRANCE (Phage and Robotics Assisted Continuous Evolution) and PyHamilton, to facilitate the directed evolution of proteins. This integration allows for precise exploration of protein-protein interactions on a massively paralleled scale. By employing deep sequencing of mixed populations, our research delves into evolutionary genetics, seeking to understand the dynamics behind evolutionary outcomes. Our findings illuminate the molecular evolution pathways and have profound implications for novel therapeutics development. Ultimately, we aim to apply these insights to unravel gene regulatory mechanisms. Through this blend of technology and biology, the Chory lab is pioneering the application of evolutionary principles to address challenges in cancer research and protein engineering.

First delivered on 23 May 2024
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