EACR Cancer genomics, multiomics and computational biology

Reveal the power of the 6-base genome – introducing duet multiomics solution evoC

30 April 2024
to 2 May 2024
Centro Congressi Giovanni XXII, Bergamo

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About the event

The EACR conference on Cancer Genomics was widely recognised as the premier European conference dedicated to cancer genomics. In 2024, we are renaming the conference and evolving its content to cover the latest exciting developments: machine learning and artificial intelligence, single cell and spatial analysis of cancers, cell plasticity, cancer immune genomics, data integration and convergence, epigenetics, and genomic instability.

Featuring an exceptional international faculty and extensive networking opportunities, this conference will provide both the possibility and intimate setting for top quality scientific interaction.

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Presenting at the event

Combined genetic and epigenetic analyses of a Lynch syndrome tumour

Dr. Jacob Househam

Data Scientist

The Institute of Cancer Research

Tuesday 30 April, 2024 | 16:40-17:10

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EACR Bergamo Apr 2024

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