McGill Genome Centre duet multiomics +modC workshop

MAXIMIZING YOUR MULTIOMICS RESEARCH – Generating methylation and genome data from a single low‑input sample using duet +modC.

A joint workshop brought to you by biomodal, Illumina®, and McGill Genome Centre.

27 November 2023
 to 30 November 2023
McGill Genome Centre, Montreal, QC


Introducing duet multiomics +modC, a “5-letter sequencing” technology that enables the combinatorial power of genetics and epigenetics from a single low-input sample and workflow.

Sign up for this workshop if you are interested in getting your hands on the only technology providing simultaneous genome and epigenome data. biomodal library construction reagents and Illumina sequencing reagents will be provided by the sponsoring companies.

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Day 1:

Monday, November 27th – Start time is 12:00pm EST / Room 2300

  • Introductions
  • duet multiomics +modC Technical Presentation and agenda review for days 2-4
  • Lunch will be provided

Days 2 – 4:

Tuesday, November 28th – Thursday, November 30th, start time is 11:00am EST / Room 2300

  • Technical Training

If you’re planning on submitting a request

For those that are submitting workshop requests, the following sample requirements should be considered for those that are submitting a workshop request;

  • gDNA: mechanically fragmented to 250 bp
  • cfDNA: no fragmentation required
  • Perform BioA or TapeStation traces on post-shear samples
  • Qubit quantification post-shear samples
  • Dilute 5 – 20 ng (cfDNA) or 10 – 80 ng (gDNA) in 24 uL low TE
  • Store DNA at -20C until Day 2


Mark Consugar

Lead Field Application Scientist


Jane Hayward

Field Application Scientist


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