Precision Medicine World Conference 2024

Learn about our new 5-letter sequencing technology – duet multiomics solution +modC – and discover the combinatorial power of genetics and epigenetics.

24 January 2024
to 26 January 2024

Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara

About the event

The Foremost Precision Medicine Conference

PMWC provides valuable insights for physicians and others wondering how close we are to realizing the arrival of personalized medicine. The conferences are helpful in understanding where and how the envelope is being pushed.

Refining liquid biopsy: generating more info from cell-free DNA

Jennifer Stone

Ph.D., Global Head of Business Development and Customer Solutions, biomodal


January 26th, 9:45am PST / Showcase Track S2

Presentation abstract

Liquid biopsy for profiling cell-free DNA holds promise to transform how we manage cancer by early detection and identification of residual disease and subtype. biomodal’s duet multiomics solution +modC generates data from low input amounts, obtains more sensitive somatic variant calling, and obtains multimodal information to discriminate cancer patients from healthy controls.

One sample. One workflow. One solution.

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Attending from biomodal

Director of Sales and Business Development for North America
Global Head of Business Development and Customer Solutions
PMWC Jan 2024

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