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duet multiomics solution

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Uncover a true 6-base genome for unprecedented insights into current and future biological states. Access all four canonical bases and distinguish 5‑methylcytosine (5mC) and 5‑hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) from a single 5ng DNA sample, in a single experiment, with high accuracy.

A true foundational assay for your research

The information encoded within our DNA is not just held within the four bases – A, C, G and T – but also within the epigenetic modifications 5mC and 5hmC. Only with a 6-base genome will we achieve comprehensive genomic insight and truly understand the dynamic nature of the human genome.

Gather complete information from a single DNA sample

  • Combined genome and methylome
  • Full genetic sequence including variants
  • Epigenetic sequence differentiating between mC and hmC
duet multiomics solution workflow

Understand gene expression and chromatin accessiblity

duet multiomics solution evoC reveals a correlation in 5mC and 5hmC by distinguishing between the two within regions of open chromatin and gene expression. Researchers can use the data to build predictive models of gene expression, chromatin accessibility, and enhancer status, gaining unprecedented insights into current and future states of disease.

duet multiomics solution evoC product sheet

Discover variant associated methylation (VAM)

IGV for VAhM

The unique ability to accurately determine genetic and epigenetic variation on the same read is a powerful feature of duet evoC data, and allows you to directly link genetic variants with methylation variation.

Here is an example of allelic variant-associated methylation and hydroxymethylation where a G→A germline variant favours either methylation or hydroxymethylation respectively. This is found in the NDUFS2 gene, which has demonstrated links to cancer and age-related diseases. Methylation is shown in black, and associated with the G allele. Hydroxymethylation is shown in red/orange, and associated with the A allele.

Use duet multiomics solution evoC to understand and predict gene expression and chromatin accessibility

By distinguishing 5mC from 5hmC, duet evoC reveals a correlation in 5mC and 5hmC within regions of open chromatin and gene expression.


Changes in gene expression (blue) and chromatin accessibility (green) correlate with changes in 5hmC (brown) and 5mC (yellow) in E14 cells.

What is duet multiomics solution evoC?

duet multiomics solution evoC combines the duet evoC library preparation assay and the duet software package to investigate genetic sequence and differentiated 5mC and 5hmC simultaneously.

duet evoC assay

The duet evoC library preparation kit takes a low input DNA sample (5ng) and copies each DNA strand across a hairpin structure. The original strand maintains both methylated and hydroxymethylated cytosine modifications, and is used for epigenetic analysis, and the copy strand is used for genetic sequence analysis.

duet assay hairpin

duet software

The duet software then takes the sequence information from pairs of original and copy strands and aligns them. For each position, it compares both original and copy strands to compute a resolved base that has complete genetic and epigenetic information.

From there, use our comprehensive data analysis package to explore methylation profiles, genetic variants, and variant-associated methylation in your samples, and compare epigenetic changes across genetic windows or contexts, in a single sample or within multi-sample cohorts.

duet evoC read resolution

Product contents

Unit Product code
duet multiomics solution evoC 8 reaction kit

duet multiomics solution evoC contains:

  • a pre-sequencing workflow with hairpin technology, comprising of 2 boxes containing all the necessary reagents to create 8 sequencer-ready libraries with ligated Illumina adaptors.
  • a post-sequencing analysis software module, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and provides genetic variant calls plus 5mC and 5hmC at single base resolution in VCF, Quant, ASM and BED Methyl formats.
duet UDIs 8 reaction kit
duet UDIs 96 reaction kit

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