Donna McDade Walker, PhD

Vice President, Global Marketing & Product Management

Donna McDade Walker

Donna McDade Walker, PhD is a life science and biotechnology executive who specialises in bringing founding products and solutions to market, affecting change in the fields of genomics and epigenomics. As Vice President of Product Management & Global Marketing, Dr. McDade Walker is responsible for developing strategic initiatives that spearhead bimodal’s values and growth.

Her extensive experience in building brands, leading cross-functional teams, and new product adoption helped drive commercial success at Twist Bioscience and Agilent Technologies.

Dr. McDade Walker’s passion for promoting advancements in science deepens biomodal’s vision for a future where the holistic understanding of the epigenome and genome vastly improves health and care. ​

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from St Andrews University, a masters from University of Manchester, and a PhD in Molecular Neurobiology from the University of Glasgow.

Donna McDade Walker
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