Roelof Botha

Board Observer

Roelof Botha has spent over 20 years building companies in Silicon Valley.

He began within the walls of nascent PayPal, where he joined in March 2000 while completing his MBA at Stanford. He became CFO in 2001 and led the company through both its IPO in early 2002 and the subsequent acquisition by eBay. 

Roelof joined Sequoia Capital in 2003 to help founders build enduring businesses. He leads the US/Europe business as Managing Partner and serves as Senior Steward of the global Sequoia Partnership. 

Roelof is a Director of 23andMe, Block, Ethos,, Landis, mmhmm, MongoDB, Natera, Pendulum Therapeutics, and Unity Technologies. Previously, he was a Director of companies that include YouTube, Tumblr, Xoom, AssureX, Eventbrite, and Evernote. He also led Sequoia’s investment in Instagram.

Roelof Botha
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