Bay Area Chromatin and Epigenomics (BACE) Virtual Lunch & Learn

Reveal the power of the 6-base genome – introducing duet multiomics solution evoC

Join us for a lively discussion where Tom Charlesworth, Ph.D., biomodal, will present a talk on using simultaneous genetic and epigenetic information from the 6-base genome to predict gene expression, chromatin accessibility and enhancer status.

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12:00 pm


1:00 pm,
17 April 2024
United States of America

The Bay Area Chromatin and Epigenomics Group (BACE) is a forum for people passionate or curious about chromatin and epigenomics.

BACE explores trends in genomics, epigenomics, and biotechnology by bringing together diverse professionals in theme-driven events.

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BACE 17Apr24

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