Festival of Genomics & Biodata-London 2024

Learn about our new 5-letter sequencing technology – duet multiomics solution +modC – and discover the combinatorial power of genetics and epigenetics.
24 January 2024
to 25 January 2024
, London

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About the event

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 9th annual Festival of Genomics & Biodata in London on Wednesday 24th January and Thursday 25th January 2024.

The Festival is the annual get-together for the entire genomics and biodata community to discover, meet, learn and celebrate!

The Festival will bring you inspirational speakers, the latest research and clinical breakthroughs, cutting edge technology and incredible networking opportunities.

The Festival is designed to help you return to work, armed with dozens of new ideas and contacts, but also to keep you engaged, excited, and proud of the difference your efforts make for patients.

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Presenting at the event

Refining your cancer research: generating more information from limited amounts of DNA

Tom Charlesworth, PhD

Director of Market Strategy & Corporate Development


January 24, 2024; 12:00-12:30, Live Lounge, Park Stage

Presentation abstract

During this session, you will learn how to;

  • Preserve Valuable Samples: Utilise samples as low as 10 ng of DNA for highly accurate modC.
  • C-to-T Mutation Detection: Simultaneously detect the most common type of genetic mutation (C-to-T) in the human genome and cancer.  
  • Whole Genome Investigation: Get simultaneous whole genome sequencing results with standard SNP detection and epigenetic marks with improved sensitivity and specificity.  
  • Allele-specific methylation: Attain phased results for allele-specific methylation (ASM) and maintain even genomic coverage.

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Festival of Genomics London 2024
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