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Enrichment protocols enable deep interrogation of target areas whilst maintaining cost effectiveness. Two enrichment methods performed with the duet multiomics solution +modC are presented here.
DNA methylation as a mechanism, biomarker, and potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease.
John McShane recently joined biomodal as our Director of Business Development for Eastern North America and Canada.
Chad Geringer recently joined biomodal and focuses on business development in North America.
Dr Aziz Mustafa recently joined biomodal as our Director of Sales and Business Development for Europe. We caught up with Aziz to learn more about him, his background, and what excites him about the field of epigenetics.
There is more to DNA than the genetic alphabet A, C, G and T. Epigenetics plays a causal role in cell fate, ageing and disease development.
The Aparicio lab at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC) utilises 5-letter sequencing technology, duet multiomics solution +modC, to investigate ‘epigenetic rewiring’ in breast cancer cells.
Cambridge Epigenetix is now biomodal